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Passageways, video projection, 2015

This site specific video projection utilized the large vertical windows of the abandoned Motor Inn that still exists partially in the heart of downtown Spokane, WA.

Once a part of Spokane's nightlife and social scene, the Ridpath is a symbol of loss, for those who remember it. One of the main features of the motor inn was a large rooftop pool, it's pool bottom dipped low into the main floor space of the hotel. This video works with this memory, and that of pool memories..naustalgic, free, dreamy..

There are three phases of this cyclical video that are inspired by the phases of growing up: nostalgia of childhood, the uncertainty/adventure of adolescence and a final stage of navigating adulthood.

Passageways consists of three parts, Part I: Water Routes, Part II: Overland Routes, Part III: Undergrowth

Video Documentation
Passageways, Windowdressing, 2014(15?)

Site specific video projection
Ridpath Motor Inn (Abandoned)
Spokane WA