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The Road Reader

Old Cardiette EKG converted into the Road Reader. Plugs into car, manually operated by driver.

The Road Reader was produced with a grant from the Spokane Arts Fund (SAGA).
The Road Reader

Reader pedal is placed in the back of the car. It is attached to the Cardiette/EKG.
The pedal is on a spring.
As it bounces the EKG machine draws out the movement.
Street Documentation

I documented all street surfaces, as a way to learn and identify different conditions.
More streets..
Mapping out Spokane

Certain roads and neighborhood areas were mapped out before a "drive" or "read".
A day on the streets.

Documentation of streets and other details and individual "street reads" were produced.
Scanning road drawings

All physical road drawings were scanned and digitized.
Road Reader Guide, Textures IV

A Road Reader Guide was produced using all the data collected.

Digital illustrations and design.
All text was hand typed and scanned.
RR Guide, Upheaval
Road Reader Guide, Textures I
RR Guide, Gone to Pot

12x16, digital print
Sound experiments

Road scans (reads) waveforms translated back into sound waves.
Sound experiments, continued

Road drawings translated to vector lines, coordinates translated into midi files