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My work is involves many processes, from traditional to experimental, but always engages the use of digital technology. To me, the process of creating, saving and then using digital matter emulates how our own experiences are translated to memory and stored in our brains. Just as there is a balance between the mind and the body for our existence, I find a balance between the physical forms of my work and the digital process it took to make it.

Video allows me to work with a visual aesthetic that combines performance, movement, time and textural surface. I collaborate with my tools to get desired results, often working with multiple cameras and experimenting with different methods of recording and processing images. Though this work is time-based, there is no structured narrative – viewers are able to enter in at any time and experience the piece.

Recent video projects include Passageways, a large video projection and Hanging On – a two-channel video performance. Passageways is a 45 minute video that has three parts or acts, all of which focus on the theme of change, but in different ways. Hanging On is a video performance that features everyday people participating in the simple act of trying to hold on as long as they can. This work was at first a demonstration of the act of letting go, as a way to move forward from something painful or inevitable, but it can also be seen as a metaphor for the everyday American who is desperately trying to hang on despite debt and hopelessness of one’s future.

- Jenny Hyde, January 2016
Passageways, multiple channel video projection, 2015

This projection was part of Windowdressing, a public arts project of Spokane WA.
Hanging On & Letting Go, Video projection and digital prints on canvas, 2015

Group show at the Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture, July-August 2015
The Blue Gate, archival digital print on aluminum, 2015

Juror's award (1st Place)
All Media Juried Exhibition at the Chase Gallery, Spokane WA, 2015
The Living Room, interactive installation, 2015

Saranac Art Projects, Spokane WA, April 2015
The Outhouse, digital print on polyester cloth, 2015

Shunkpike Storefronts Installation, Amazon Headquarters, Seattle, WA, July - Nov 2015