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This body of work represents my early explorations with digital and electronic processes. I was exploring the body and performance, transformation of information and discovering a new form of expression.
Explorations of Mark Making, Installation View
Salt Lick, giclee print, 2005
Remains, giclee print, 2005
Mass Gesture, Installation view, digital print, 2005
Mass Gesture, digital print, 2005

The singular curl is like one mark, the wad of hair, a form built from repetitive marks..much like a drawing or sculpture.
Fuzz and Curl, digital print, 36" x 48", 2005

Little pieces of debris from our everyday life - a lost curl and some sock fuzz. They are gestures and marks.
Sweet (Spit), Digital Print, 2005

A little piece about seduction and rejection.
Cribbing, Digital Print, 2005

This piece was my "wood block print", exploring the anxious act of grinding teeth at night - waking up with bite marks on the insides of one's cheeks.
Re-infected, digital print
Re-infected, detail

I bit a piece of paper, then scanned the bit mark and printed it back on the bitten paper.
Body Scan, Installation View, 2008
Body Scan, Digital Print, 24" x 65", 2005
Ophelia, digital print
She went for a walk and came back all scratched up, digital print
edges, digital print
Edges II, digital print
Edges, single channel video
Push & Pull, digital print based on video still
Shockers, video still
Tavern in the Town, still from video performance